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Skin Defense Anti Pollution Toning Essence




Description: Skinlab Naturals’ Skin Defense Anti Pollution Toning Essence is

made with probiotics, Witchhazel, AHA Apple, which help cleaning out your

pores (yes, even from your previous products), and defends your skin from

dirt, dust and all causes of acne to achieve a flawless and radiant skin. Helps reduce fine lines, too!


Caution: Purging is a normal way to suck the dirt out. Please be patient.


Directions: Spray directly to face and neck morning and evening, then pat skin or use a cotton ball.


TIP: Refresh your skin by spritzing the toning essence anytime, anywhere.


Ingredients: Ionic Water, Bio Sulfur, WitchHazel Extract, Centella Asiatica

Extract, AHA Apple, Fermented Aloe Vera, Iris Extract, Rosemary Extract,

Thyme Extract, Tea Tree Extract, Defensil.